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The Ronny Bravo band is a 6 - piece band, based in the southern part of the Netherlands, called Limburg, in the lovely city of Maastricht.
Since 2001 the band is on the road in and outside Limburg, playing shows in small clubs, pubs and theaters.
The six members of the band are musicians with a lot of experience, thanks to their great and rich history in the music business.

That is why the RBB, ( soothing named by the great number of fans), has a wide repertoire of songs.
The repertoire consists different styles of music like rock & roll, gospel, french musettes, tango's, country, tex-mex, pop, rock, folk, instrumental songs, etc.

Entertainment is a big component of the RBB concept.
The show element is a very important part together with beautiful music; a perfect combination for a perfect RBB show !

Enjoy the tour on our website,

The Ronny Bravo Band

Update, 14-01-2015


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